Our Work

Some of the incredible projects we've touch over the last 26 years. 


Baseball Cards

After an evening of batting and fielding, followed by dining and dancing at the ballpark, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) gave every participant a baseball card for social media posting that reinforced its main messages and action plan. This was part of a comprehensive convention branding program.

The case Against Privatization in Public transit

Educating the community on the value of public transit in relationship to other public services was the goal of this video produced for the Amalgamated Transit Union.


American Federation of School Administrators

Building relationships with trade publications to help move an organizational agenda has been a focus of our work with the American Federation of School Administrators.


Men's Titanic Society

Having a good story isn't enough; strong pitching is key to success, as we learn every year pitching an annual event.


News Source

Sometimes our experience and understanding of issues makes us the news source, like this story in The Washington Post.


Flash Splash

The National Scald Prevention Campaign coalition needed a way to provide stakeholder groups materials to educate caregivers on the danger of liquid and steam burns. Tricom, working with E-18, built a brand and tool kit for communities to take action.



Tricom generated more news stories for the Disney Teacher Awards in two years than had been generated in the previous 18 years combined. Despite the well-known brand, the awards program only was garnering about 100 news stories each year. Tricom changed that, generating nearly 700 clips in year one and more than 1,300 in year two.


YouTube Makes the Difference

Social media use helped end a labor dispute. When the United Steelworkers were engaged in a labor dispute with Goodyear, the USW was deeply concerned about Goodyear’s use of replacement workers, so the union made a video that we helped promote. It worked.

Look for the Union Label

When SMART wanted to educate its members on the value of the union label, it turned to Tricom to build a campaign for member education and engagement. 

Focus groups, polling and hands-on discussions helped build the message. Union labels are an essential tool for enforcing contracts and protecting jobs, wages and benefits. Then add the call to action: Label It, Scan It, Report It.


Political Pre-Roll Ads

Working with the E-18 Media team, we produced a 15-second spot for use online, targeting the district and voters at rates and levels of impressions we could never afford on TV in Chicago. 

Advocacy For Action

Building off a song written by our client, we produced an advocacy video to help move the political agenda forward with both stakeholders and elected officials.


An inside look at the AFL-CIO president's life premiered right after his election to office introducing the labor community and the world to the newly elected leader.

Audits and Plans

Conducting a comprehensive communications audit of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) provided important insights that allowed the Tricom team, working with MDB Inc. to develop a strategic communications plan that supported NOAA’s vision and mission. 

Most importantly, the plan defined the overarching goals, specific objectives, and substance of communications and outreach activities for both a short-term and long-term basis.

Public Service Announcements

Getting communities involved with their public lands was the goal of this PSA shot with a member of the Cousteau family.