Colleen O'Neill

Colleen has spent a lifetime honing what some might say is an overdeveloped sense of justice and fairness, and has used that passion and her talents to amplify voices and causes waiting to be heard. Her chosen weapon is the keen eye of a proofreader/copyeditor.

  • Lifelong political activist and granddaughter of a member of Congress.
  • Spots the Oxford commas, extra spaces and misused words in copy in the wink of an eye.
  • Able to sharpen and improve prose with an appreciation for individual needs.
  • Defender of AP Style.
  • Works across all print media and digital platforms with experience in a variety of electronic and social media applications.

Colleen worked her first election at age 2½ (her candidates won); her first professional job was as assistant press secretary/assistant research director for the Democratic Party of North Carolina. Her experience includes copyediting positions with The (Raleigh) News and Observer, Defense News and Air Force Times. 

She joined the AFL-CIO in 1990 and in two separate stints served the federation as a writer-editor, spokesperson for health care reform and job safety and health, and editorial projects manager. Colleen has been a member of the now-NewsGuild (TNG-CWA) since signing her union card in December 1990. 

Colleen was communications director of the International Union of Electronic Workers and a senior associate for Fingerhut, Powers, Smith and Associates. She is well-versed in strategic and targeted communications of all types.

Away from work, she has lobbied on behalf of special education students and served on volunteer boards governing young soccer players, advocating for youth with mental health needs and individuals with disabilities in Anne Arundel County. You can find her in an ice rink every Saturday morning six months of the year and wearing her No. 19 sweater in the stands at Capital One Arena as often as possible.

Colleen holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and radio-TV-motion pictures from the University of North Carolina (Go! Tar! Heels!) and a master’s degree in political science from American University.