Dean Tinnin

Director of Video Production

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altJoseph Dean Tinnin has a world of creative talent, in no small part because he has traveled the world developing it.

Ever since returning from Eastern Europe, where he developed truly visionary breakthroughs in video production, Dean – seldom seen outside the cave-like darkness of his Tricom editing bay and never called “Joe” – has put his diverse skills as a writer, producer and videographer to work providing our clients with electronic media that have the rare capacity for capturing the imagination while projecting persuasive, newsworthy messages.

Dean began his professional career during the 1988 primary and national presidential elections running a public relations campaign for the Citizenship Education Fund (CEF), a nonpartisan organization commissioned to advance civic education and voter registration. He helped plan, implement and supervise a public awareness campaign that mobilized hundreds of thousands of registered voters, a success followed by six years of production work for the Labor Institute of Public Affairs (LIPA), the television production division of the AFL-CIO.

In 1995, Mr. Tinnin traveled to Europe with the international recording artist and missionary team, Vinesong, to document their ministry and produce a film of their work. The project included producing “In Concert” videos in German, French, Italian and English.

Following the Vinesong project, Dean traveled to Poland to direct media projects, including Open Times: The Young Poland, a production that proved a revolutionary break from Poland’s traditional standards in television programming. Ten years after the collapse of communism and well before the “reality TV” genre now prevalent worldwide, the show offered a series of “reality-based” vignettes sensationalizing life in Poland through the eyes of young people.

Dean’s talents, nurtured as a graduate of the cinema/television program at the University of Southern California, expand across several areas and skill sets, including producing, directing, shooting, editing, lighting, audio record/design, and narrative and technical screenwriting, offering Tricom clients a virtual one-stop shop for media development.

Dean’s record of client work literally stretches across the Atlantic and includes a major European VW/Audi distributor, a leading production company in Poland, two international recording artists and an international School of English. On the U.S. side of the pond, his Tricom client work has included the National Science Foundation, U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, The JASON Project, NAACP National Voter Fund, The Alzheimer’s Association, AFL-CIO, the Association of Flight Attendants and several other labor unions, as well as numerous other companies, organizations and individuals.

Dean’s love for film and passion for the moving image is driven by the belief that “creating from the heart is the only way to unleash the auteur within.”