Working in public relations is hard work. It isn’t always a nine to five job. You could work 24/7 and never catch up on your work. That being said, finding a job in Public Relations can be just as difficult as the work itself. For public relations specialists there are about 218,910 non self-employed jobs with an outlook of an additional 15,000 within the next 8 years.

When looking for a job, especially in public relations, you need to consider job searching techniques to get ahead. Increasing your knowledge in career and professional development will help anyone with their job search. The following steps will aid you in your journey for a public relations position.

Step 1: Find a referral

Referrals consist of 6.9 percent of applicants, but make up 46 percent of all workers hired. The employee retention rate for referrals after two years is 45 percent; it’s 20 percent for job boards after two years.

Many job seekers are put off by referrals because they are intimidated by asking or they don’t know who to ask. Searching for a referral can be done on LinkedIn, Career Sonar or StartWire. Look at current employee’s connections for common connections. Then ask your common connection for a referral to that employee. You may also consider asking any employee, client, vendor or others who work with the organization for a referral.

Knowing how to ask for a referral is important. A good referral includes someone who can address your work ethic and the quality of your work or personality. Some questions you could ask a potential referral are:

“Do you feel you could reflect on my work sufficiently to refer me to a job at your organization?”

“Would you consider giving me a referral to your organization?”

After you secure a referral, remember to mention that referral in your cover letter or letter of interest. Additionally, provide your referral with an up-to-date resume to look over before speaking with the hiring manager. Upon completion of the referral or interview, send the person who gave your referral a thank you letter to let them know you appreciated their help.

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