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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Update

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Update

The upcoming Olympics in Brazil has been trending in the media for a variety of reasons. The location for the upcoming 2016 Olympics was chosen in 2009, and the opening ceremony will take place on August 5. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is currently reviewing the last steps in finalizing the games.

The first Olympic Games in South America cause trepidations for some. Brazil’s current issues include the Zika virus, water pollution, police brutality and economic despair.

Over 150 scientists have called for The World Health Organization (WHO) and the IOC to postpone or relocate the games because of the Zika virus. The Zika virus, which can cause undeveloped brains in newborns, has been reported more than 4,700 times in Brazil since last October with only 404 confirmed cases.

Scientists aren’t the only ones to warn people not to come to the summer Olympics. Popular-Brazilian soccer player Rivaldo is warning people not to attend the games because of increasing violence in the city. For this reason, some are calling Rio de Janeiro “one of the deadliest cities on earth.”

Along with the Zika virus and violence, water pollution is a concern for the games. The pollution would affect events such as sailing, rowing and open water swimming events.

The WHO and the IOC didn’t find any situation critical enough to cancel the games. If the Olympics had been cancelled, it would be the fourth games ever to be canceled and the only one canceled for reasons other than a world war.

Construction is on for the opening ceremony just a two months away. The new, beach-side stadium will be called Velodrome, and will cost $43 million.

This Olympics will also mark a landmark decision to allow professional boxers to compete along with professionals in 27 other categories in which they are already allowed to compete. Future Olympics include the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea and the summer 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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